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Happy St. Patrick's Data!

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the busiest bar holiday of the year. However, it is the highest grossing and brings money-making growth opportunities.

Top 5 On-Premise Cocktails Revealed

Menu programming is treated by many operators as an exercise in creativity with pricing approached as a guessing game. Stop guessing, sell more drinks and make more money with these revelations.

Rum isn't Keeping Up

Data released by Nielsen CGA recently indicates that while rum may be a tried and true bar staple, it isn't keeping pace with other spirits.

Beer is Under Pressure

Buckle up, because new data from a leading research firm suggests that competition will be getting fiercer as consumer interest in more compelling alcohol programs pushes them towards brewpubs and tiki bars.

Hail Queen Margarita!

Just in time for the summer, Nielsen CGA's On Premise User Survey (OPUS) reveals several valuable findings, including the fact that the Margarita is still America's favorite cocktail.

The Corner Saloon Fades Away...

Since 2004, the quintessential local bars numbers have declined by thousands of units while full-service restaurants have added tens of thousands of locations. Simply put, restaurants are opening a steady rate while corner saloons are dying out.