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Worker Bee

Showcase the New York State apple in all its glory with this cocktail made with ginger beer, honey syrup and lemon juice.

Neversink Gin Martini

Elevate the standard gin Martini with this elegant cocktail that adds notes of New York State apples.

Neversink Clover Club

Neversink Spirits didn't invent the Clover Club but their take on it showcases the flavor of New York State apples and adds dimension with dry vermouth.

Neversink Spirits Apple Brandy

A pure, honest reflection of New York State apple characteristics with cut green apples, spice, vanilla, woods and pear on the palate.

Neversink Spirits Gin

Created with a New York state apple base spirit, Neversink Spirits makes this gin with 11 botanicals that pair well with apples.