Westland Distillery 5th Annual Peat Week

It can’t be! But it is! Now in its fifth year, Westland Distillery Peat Week continues to dazzle with feats of peat beyond imagination. Twirling, whirling, and curving through the air—The Greatest Smoke on Earth lands once again in January 2019. The 5th Annual Peat Week is limited to 1,083 bottles worldwide and is on limited allocation.

This highly allocated distillery exclusive release is the star of a Westland Distillery celebration that includes a symposium featuring Westland’s co-founder and Master Distiller Matt Hofmann, Balcones’ founder Jared Himstedt, and Hamilton Distilling’s founder Nathan Thompson. This annual event takes place from January 22 through January 26, 2019. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Tasting Notes: The festal bottling offers first subtle iodine on the nose then wafts of banana and peach rising beneath the caramel curves of clouds, full to the brim with ash and oak. On the palate, ash and oak rain down filling out the space between delicate milk chocolate, licorice, and the faint remains of what was savory now turned to smoke.

Cooperage:  Two first-fill ex-bourbon, one new American oak: Cooper’s Reserve, two refill new American oak

Malt: Baird's Heavily Peated Distiller's Malt

Cask Maturation: 36–63 months

Total Output: 1,083 bottles

50% ABV