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Buzztime makes it easy to draw a crowd – and keep them coming back. Bring everyone together for social fun at your bar with games, trivia, and live events. It’s all served up on touchscreen Buzztime tablets that put fun within reach of every guest.

You’ll join the nearly 3,000 bars and restaurants that rely on Buzztime to delight guests and increase spending by an average of 21% per table check. Buzztime players are the guests you really want – and there are 10 million of them looking for a place to play their favorite games.

After 3 decades as the leading provider of in-venue entertainment, Buzztime knows which games and trivia attract patrons. From one of the world’s largest collections of trivia to on-demand arcade games…from live trivia events to Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments, there’s something for everyone. Players can compete in real-time across the bar – or across the country – in a quest to move up the Buzztime leaderboard.

Buzztime even includes powerful marketing tools like digital signage that turns your TVs into eye-catching displays. Plus, Buzztime partners with big-name brands like Miller Coors, Lyft, and Fandango to give your guests VIP giveaways and special offers – at no cost to you.

If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to boost business and build loyalty, Buzztime is the perfect fit for your bar. Contact Buzztime for a complimentary demo and exclusive offers for first-time customers. Now is the time, for Buzztime.