Trois Rivières Cuvee de L'Ocean

Made using sugar cane grown in the south of Martinique next to the Atlantic Ocean. Trois Rivières Cuvee de L'Ocean is a maritime rum, with hints of sea spray added to the classic agricole notes of grass and sweet fruit. A complex and zesty agricole, with briny seashore notes, minerality, grassiness and classic fruity sweetness. This works especially well in a Daiquiri.

Nose: Coastal grass, sea spray and coal-like bitterness. Sweet notes of fruit develop, with a buttery backbone and liquorice hints. Soft spice and lemon zest provide support.

Palate: Light, sweet and very green—freshly chopped sugar cane, mowed grass and stacked straw. Earthy and woody notes appear, with seaside pebbles sat alongside freshly stripped twigs. Rich, warm and sweet notes of dark sugar slowly develop underneath.

Finish: A wave of sugar syrup is followed by phenolic notes, brine and hints of smoke. Green and grassy notes develop, with stony minerality and a touch of earthy spice. Spice lingers.

Proof: 80