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2017 National Drink Wine Day

In just a few days we celebrate National Drink Wine Day, so here are six wine regions that will take you and your guests on a journey outside of comfort zones on February 18, 2017. Cheers!

Big Bottles at Bazaar Meat

Dominating a 400-seat room isn't easy, particularly in Las Vegas, but the 27-liter bottles of wine on the floor at Bazaar Meat by JosA(C) AndrA(C)s make a strong impression indeed.

Make American Wine Great Again

Data from 2016 indicates that wine produced in America continued its steady growth in 2016. The US wine market is expanding, and according to Danny Brager, senior vice president of the beverage alcohol practice at Nielsen, it is the envy of the world.

Buzz, Promotion and Creativity

Not every winery focuses solely on wine. Annata Bistro/Bar at the Mount Palomar Winery, for example, has been running a series of limited-time-offer cocktail promotions for the past 6 months in order to generate buzz about the 12-month-old winery.

2017 Sommelier Wine Trends

Some of the top sommeliers from around the country took the time to share their 2017 wine trend predictions with us. Here are the styles, regions, varietals, and service trends wine experts think will be hot this year.

Winter Warmer Wines Work

Most operations enliven their summer wine menu with rosA(C)s, sparkling wines and lighter whites. So why don't more operators pay this level of attention to the red and white wines that can warm up their guests during the winter months?

2017 Wine Crystal Ball

As we prepare to head out of 2016, let's take a look at the trends to watch in 2017. First up, wine. Here are 5 trends operators, experts and guests will be talking about next year.

Make New Yearas Events Stand Out

Along with festive decorations and crowd-pleasing entertainment, one way to elevate a New Yearas Eve party or New Yearas Day brunch is with the right tabletop and bartop presentation, including serving your best drink creations in the right glassware.

Chains, Millennials & Wine

Millennial consumers are proving hard for many chains to attract and retain, and much research says their wine preferences present significant challenges for those chains. At the up-coming Vibe Conference, Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein will try to find out from leading chain beverage execs what works and what doesn't

Tart & Funky Orange Wines

Orange wines, you may be surprised to learn, are considered a cousin to red wines. It may also be a surprise that the region at the forefront of orange wine production is New York's Finger Lakes area. Draw in customers this fall by offering them funky, tart orange wines.