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TIPS Designs New Online Alcohol Server Training Program for Casinos

Health Communications, Inc. today announced the release of eTIPS Gaming 3.0, a new and improved version of its online training and certification program specifically designed for casinos. eTIPS Gaming 3.0 improves the overall student experience through a newly designed HTML5 course, which provides increased stability, new features, and improved content.

Drinking & Driving: Eliminating the Problem

Incidents of collisions involving drinking and driving are down from a decade ago, but we can do better. Paul Saper of Sponsiv Digital and Josh Deitch of Uber hosted a pre-conference workshop during the 2017 VIBE Conference in San Diego to address how partnerships with the rideshare company can help to spread awareness and eliminate the problem of drinking and driving.

Duffified Live: Episode I

Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy's new podcast, is about more than bar and restaurant operations tips. In the first episode he speaks to bar consultant and future bar owner Michael Tipps.

Serving Alcohol Responsibly

Trevor Estelle, the vice president at TIPS, will host a presentation addressing two trends that can impact the bottom lines of operators. First, there has been a significant increase in the number of legal actions being taken against establishments for serving alcohol to intoxicated customers. Second, there is a growing prohibitionist movement that is making it more and more difficult to sell and consume alcohol.

Resolve to Serve Responsibly

One resolution that should be on the top of every operator's list for 2017 is responsible alcohol service. So what can you do to protect your license and ensure the safety and well-being of your customers in 2017?

Start 2017 Right

Knowing which industry predictions are worth keeping an eye on and which trends should be embraced can be a fairly large challenge. So, we've taken the time to look at 7 trends you need to know about as we begin our journey through 2017.

7 Resolutions for 2017

It's all well and good to be prepared for the holidays through New Year's Eve, but what are you planning for your business in 2017? Here are 7 resolutions you need to make for success in the New Year.

Optimize Your Staff's Performance

The management of different personalities and making sure that employees are completing the tasks to which they have been assigned are two of the biggest challenges nightclub, bar, and restaurant operators face on a daily basis. Here are 3 tips to make this challenge more manageable.