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Brazilian Old Fashioned

The unique and sophisticated flavors natural to cachaça give you and your bar team the opportunity to create irresistible Old Fashioned riffs with Brazilian flare.

Leblon Caipirinha

The Caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail. You can't fully celebrate National Cachaça Day without one on your menu

Breakfast in Rio

Not only does this refreshing drink work for National Cachaça Day, it's perfect for International Coffee Day as well.

Atlantica 1702

Cachaça and sage imbue the classic 75 with intriguing notes, giving guests a unique cocktail experience.

Brazilian Mai Tai

Give the Mai Tai a bit of Brazilian flavor with Ypióca Cachaça.

Novo Fogo Cachaça

Located in the heart of Brazil's coastal rainforest, you taste the terroir of the tropical environment when you sip Novo Fogo cachaça.

Avuá Cachaça

Avuá Cachaça celebrates the deep and unique history of French oak and indigenous Brazilian wood aging.

Leblon Cachaça

Leblon's philosophy is that a great cachaça is made in the cane field first.

Yaguara Cachaça

Small-batch artisanal cachaça perfectly blended for a refined taste.