Topic: PR

Resolutions for Owners & Operators

Promotions are a key component to the success of nightclubs and bars. However, creating new promotions is only half of the equation. You have to have the tools in place to effectively market your amazing promotions to your customers. Here are 3 tips for better marketing.

Get Your Newsletter Read

Newsletters are an incredibly effective way of engaging with your customers and getting them to come into your bar or nightclub...if you include the right content. Here are three types of content you should include in your newsletter.

Talking with Customers

Would you turn your back on a guest who was telling you in person about their good or bad experience inside your bar? We're assuming you said no, so why are you ignoring them online?

Advice for Hiring PR

Your reputation is paramount to the success of your business, yet too many clubs donat pay attention to it. Nightclub & Bar asked a number of PR professionals what you need to be aware of when hiring.

Know Who You Are

Branding is marketing. You can't brand your bar correctly unless you know who are. Here are some tips on how to define your brand and guests and communicate your concept to them.

Past & Present Marketing

A lot has changed in our industry when it comes to marketing tools and strategies. A panel of experts breaks down what worked in the past and how it translates to today and the future.