Topic: Opening a bar

The 4 Worst Reasons to Buy a Bar

Anyone considering buying a bar would be wise to take some time for self-reflection before jumping in, asking themselves why they want to enter this industry.
Shoo Shoo, Baby bar interior

Bar on a Budget, Part Two

In part two of our Bar on a Budget how-to series we provide feedback regarding various types of owners, their roles, and the challenge they'll face.
Shoo Shoo, Baby bar interior

Bar on a Budget, Part One

Our new series is all about opening a bar on a budget, from concept to licenses, buildout to hiring, and your first day serving guests.

The RumChata Diaries: A Guide to Succeeding as an Owner & Operator

If you own a bar, nightclub or restaurant or are aspiring to open your own venue, you're joining the storied ranks of adventurous and innovative entrepreneurs like Thomas Maas, creator of wildly successful RumChata. Here's his recipe for success, which should inspire you to overcome the obstacles you're going to face operating your own business.

The Strangers Club Panama City

The team behind Employees Only, Macao Trading Company and Pilsa Fine Rums are opening a brand-new concept in Panama City called The Strangers Club, and the story of how this bar came to be reveals in simple terms what it takes to reach their level of success.