Topic: Nightclub & Bar Show

Improve Your Music Today

It's a proven fact that playing the right music at the right time affects customer behavior, impacts check averages ,and plays a role in table turnover.

Raise the Bar!

Lee Cockerell, former senior operations executive for the Walt Disney World Resort for 10 years, shares how all of us can create magic by understanding the power of personal leadership and strong management skills.

Get Your $69 Expo Pass Now!

Limited time offer: Register for an Expo Pass by November 6, 2015 for only $69! Not just an event. Not just a conference. There's nothing like it anywhere else.

Bar Rescue Where Are They Now?

Tori Socha, of Spike TV, hosted Guy Wavra of Moonrunners Saloon, Todd Harr of 22 Klicks and Brad Bohannan of Spirits on Bourbon to discuss where they are now with Nightclub & Bar Show attendees.

Superb Craft Beer Offerings

Let the profits start pouring in! The popularity of craft brewers is undeniableacraft beer sales are up 17%! The Nightclub & Bar Show Craft Brewers Pavilion had a lot to offer attendees of the 30th Anniversary event. The Pavilion showcased many of the superior offerings in the growing craft brew segment.

2015 Nightclub & Bar Show: 30 Years of Success

This year's 30th Anniversary event captured the true essence of the bar and nightlife industry. It is the world's gathering place for the nightlife industry to exchange ideas and innovations, pushing the boundaries of this exciting and riveting business.