Topic: Millennials

SVEDKA Rosé All Day

SVEDKA has announced the launch of their latest flavor, a unique meeting of the spirits and wine world made with 5% rosé wine: SVEDKA Rosé

The First Crypto Nightclub

A new private club, MORE Las Vegas, is a case study in both the adoption of cryptocurrency and the importance of relationships in the nightlife space.

How to Serve Gen Z

To succeed with Millennial guests and employees you need to appeal to their technology, taste and experience preferences.

Overcome Millennial Management Obstacles

Generation Y is going to be the largest demographic working in bars and restaurants, and you're going to have to learn how to manage them and develop their hospitality industry careers.

Marketing to Millennial Parents

Millennials and kids have emerged separately as major consumer targets, and as Millennials have kids of their own these parents have become a new demographic to whom operators must pay attention.

What Millennials Expect of You

Right now, Millennials are the prime ages targeted by nightclubs. But reaching these customers means deviating from the long lines and impersonal experiences Millennials associate with nightclubs.

Humanizing data to Provide Personalized Experiences

While last year’s summer trends were all about enhancing the summer mood with events, cocktails, and polished marketing, this year is all about experiences. You can thank Millennials and their desire for experiences over possessions for that, and you can thank technology and data for making it simpler to keep up with this demographic's needs.

Provide a Personalized Nightclub Experience

The bad news is the nightlife industry is dwindling in the eyes of Millennials as fewer and fewer of their generation are going out to nightclubs. But the good news is we in the service industry have the opportunity to not only provide amazing experiences, but to also make those experiences personal.