Topic: Marketing ROI

Increase Your Marketing ROI

It’s difficult to set aside your hard-earned money for marketing efforts when you're unable to track the return on your investment. Today, however, you can track nearly every marketing effort to understand and increase your ROI.

Marketing on a Budget

it’s hard to set aside your hard-earned money for marketing efforts when it seems like you’re blowing those dollars away with no knowledge about what you’re really getting in return. But that’s the issue in and of itself: you view your marketing as an expense instead of an investment. Get your marketing efforts down to a science with these 4 steps.

Keep a List of Guests

While most operators probably understand instinctively that they should be capturing customer data, too many of them simply fail to do it. You need to maintain an internal list of your regular customers so that you can market to them directly.

Marketing Tools & ROI

Great promotions don't require you to lower your prices. Using the right marketing tools at the right time to attract the right people can help you develop effective promotions and increase your return on investment.

Nightclub Websites Matter

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are crucial to the success of nightlife venues but that doesn't mean nightclubs can afford to be without a professional website. After all, your website is the only place online that you fully control.