Topic: Food menu

Duffify Your Menu

Chef Brian Duffy says that we're in the greatest place for food we've ever been, partially due to lower food costs and the absence of the pretentiousness we experienced in the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties. To leverage this change in food trends, you need to update your outdated menu.

Trends in Bar Food

Nightclub & Bar Show attendee favorite Chef Brian Duffy presented an information-packed education session that focused on what's hot in terms of bar food trends. Beer, wine, spirit and cocktail trends are important to bar business but don't neglect your food menu.

All About Menus

You've designed you logo. Your interior design is beautiful. The exterior of your establishment is attracting guests in droves. So of course your menu's design and engineering is killer, right?

Shareable Foods Increase Spend

Superior service, consistency, high quality ingredients and creative bar foods can all build a loyal customer base. Kelley Jones offers insights about bar foods and snacks and staff training.

Healthy Bar Food

A challenge weare all faced with is better educated, health-conscious guests looking for great bar food. Chef Marc Maronne offers some fantastic insights and spins on traditional bar food.

Food By the Numbers

In this fourth and final installment we will examine some financial implications that will inform the strategies you employ in your own establishment when it comes to increasing food and beverage profits.

Food & Cocktail Pairings

In this third installment of food and the bar we will look at the opportunities to pair food and cocktails and the financial benefits that result.

Small Plates: A How-to

Offering food to your bar patrons is a critical element of your success. Here we examine how to plan and execute the right small plates menu, with some input from a successful operator who has.

Make the 4th of July Work for You

The 4th of July is fast approaching! Do you have your food and beverage menus, entertainment and promotions lined up? Here are some tips and cocktail recipes to get help you out.