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What's New at NCBSHOW18

The Nightclub & Bar Conference and Trade Show is the hands-on event for bar and nightlife professionals. Learn what's new for NCBSHOW2018!

Keynote Speaker Kristopher B. Jones

What does it take to build a multi-million dollar business, sell it, then repeat the process five more times? Is business success replicable? What are the pitfalls you should avoid and the opportunities you must seek? Kristopher B. Jones will address these questions and more during his keynote at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas.

'Monetizing Cannabis' Panel Discussion

This year's Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas will host a special "Monetizing Cannabis" panel discussion open to all attendees, providing insight into how nightclubs and bars can capitalize on opportunities while mitigating the risks.

Where are the Gay Bars?

LGBTQ bars have been closing at an alarming rate in recent years. Some feel this may be due to LGBTQ political victories and widespread social acceptance reducing the need for exclusively LGBTQ nightlife. Others point to the gentrification of gay neighborhoods, and the prevalence and ease of "hooking up" with apps like Tinder and Grinder.

The Rise of Bar-tainment

Destination bars have been experiencing a huge decline in numbers throughout the United States. Bars are losing their customers for a number of reasons: technology, a change in the way we interact socially, and the rise of the Millennial.

Raise the Bar!

Lee Cockerell, former senior operations executive for the Walt Disney World Resort for 10 years, shares how all of us can create magic by understanding the power of personal leadership and strong management skills.