Topic: Branding

Tell your story on typewriter

What’s Your Story?

The Apartment Bartender swung by the 75th annual WSWA Convention to explain the importance of telling an authentic brand story.

7 Things Operators can Learn from EDC

Festivals draw thousands of tourists and their dollars to cities and towns where you operate your bar, nightclub or restaurant, and with a little creative business thinking you can benefit from their presence and the excitement they generate.

A Core Value Walks Into a Bar

Your core values help attract and retain top quality employees, create more meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns, and achieve true guest loyalty.

Duffified Live: A Lesson Learned About Music and Your Brand

It's critical to the success of your business that you remember that your bar, nightclub or restaurant is just that – yours. It’s your property, it’s your business, and it’s your brand. You have your own idea of what defines your concept, and nobody knows it better than you.

Scent Branding

It may sound unusual but creating an exclusive, bespoke private label scent just may be the edge your brand needs to gain an advantage over the competition. Our sense of smell, after all, is the most powerful of all the senses we have at our disposal.

Authenticity & Brand Promise

When some operators have lost market share they can be tempted to reinvent their brand, or advertise or promote their way of slipping sales. A much better approach to the problem? Examine and refine your brand essence.