Topic: Bourbon

Old Pals

In honor of Fred Noe and Shinji Fukuyo’s legendary collaboration, Legent has added a unique twist to the classic Old Pal recipe.

Kentucky Kyushiki

A twist on the classic Old Fashioned that honors the past and gives a nod to the collaboration that made Legent bourbon possible.


Legent is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey partially finished in wine and sherry casks. But it's more than that...

Peerless Bourbon

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. is releasing their first bourbon in 102 years.

Old Charter French Oak

Aged 12 years at Buffalo Trace Distillery, this bourbon is rich and sweet, drawing its character from barrels made of French oak.

Weller Full Proof

A whiskey that satisfies the demand of the non-chill filtered whiskey enthusiasts.

Rebel Yell 100

A 100-proof wheated bourbon that’s not fooling around.

10 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon

This rich, full-bodied, limited edition bourbon is mellowed with sugar maple after distillation before entering new white oak barrels.