Topic: Beverage pricing

Write a Best-Selling Menu

Not enough operators pay enough attention to their menu, which is incredibly shortsighted when you consider that it passes through the hands of just about every person who patronizes any venue.

AMC Theatres "Best Overall"

AMC Theaters took home the VIBE Vista Award for "Best Overall" beverage program for multi-unit chain restaurant this year. The premiere entertainment group bolsters their overall strategic aim for comfort and convenience with a selection of wine, beer, cocktails, and adult alcohol-free beverages.

The Cost of a Cocktail

Determining pricing for cocktails, a seemingly basic process in the bar business, can be far more difficult than anyone would imagine. What if citrus prices skyrocket?

Rethinking Mixology

The Mixology Movement has proven to be a trend with staying power. Unfortunately, many bars have developed mixology programs that are hurting their bottom lines and guest experiences.

Food By the Numbers

In this fourth and final installment we will examine some financial implications that will inform the strategies you employ in your own establishment when it comes to increasing food and beverage profits.