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Beachbum Berryas Latitude 29

In line with the current tiki bar movement across the country, Jeff aBeachbuma Berry opened his own location, in New Orleans last November. Between the exceptional drinks, the delectable menu and the hand-carved tiki dA(C)cor, Latitude 29 is a must-see while in New Orleans.

Irish Pubs: World Domination

There's an Irish pub in literally every corner of the Earth. This global phenomenon can be found in such places as Azerbaijan, Nepal and Dubai. Tim Herlihy and Gerry Graham explain why.

Rooftop Bar Trends

The hotel trend is getting a new boost from the millennial customers, who place an emphases on social spaces and can help a hotel increase food-and-beverage sales.

Taffer Dishes on Foodable

Taffer dives into how different technologies are impacting the bar scene; why heas not a fan of tablet ordering; what one of the most important things every brand needs to attract Millennials; and why alcohol in fast casual has not been as prevalent as it should be, but how that is changing.