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Pacific Cocktail Haven bar

5 Key Concept Design Steps

Good design drives success. These five design steps can improve an operator’s chances of starting their buildout on the best possible footing.
Jack Rose Dining Saloon bar

Bar Design Disconnect

Are you aware of how your physical bar dictates bartender-guest interaction? Your physical bar could likely do with a modern design renovation.

7 Things Operators can Learn from EDC

Festivals draw thousands of tourists and their dollars to cities and towns where you operate your bar, nightclub or restaurant, and with a little creative business thinking you can benefit from their presence and the excitement they generate.

The Comprehensive Guide to Bar Renovation & Design

If you’re an existing bar, nightclub or restaurant owner looking to increase your revenue or open additional locations, or if you’re a new operator considering opening a brand-new concept, you need to read this comprehensive guide to renovation and design.

Scent Branding

It may sound unusual but creating an exclusive, bespoke private label scent just may be the edge your brand needs to gain an advantage over the competition. Our sense of smell, after all, is the most powerful of all the senses we have at our disposal.

Sports Bar & Pub Games

Some bars can mount a few large televisions, purchase some sports packages, and call themselves a sports bar. Most sports bars, however, require more than big TVs, sports memorabilia, and team logos that communicate their theme. These are the sports bar and pub games you need to know and consider having in your bar.

Back Bar Design

Operators spend a lot of time designing their exterior and interior spaces, fine tuning the details of their concept, and tying everything together with logos and colors. However, some of them neglect the design of their back bar areas, and that means a diminished guest experience and loss of dollars.

Bringing Back Hospitality

The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery chain is creating a new prototype that it hopes will foster an enhanced sense of hospitality. The biggest change is to their seating, which will feature more communal tables.