Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans

Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans are a 12-can variety pack with three 8.5 oz. easy-to-drink flavors containing just 100 calories each. The innovative product and packaging are positioned at the intersection of the growing hard cider (+6.8%), canned wine (+290% CAGR), and hard seltzer (+199%) categories to offer a crisp alternative that will appeal to the growing enthusiasm for wellbeing and light refreshment. The variety pack contains Strongbow’s newest flavor, Dry Pear (Pear Secco), along with the fast-selling Rosé Apple and the ever-popular Original Dry. The 100 Cal Slim Cans aim to source sales from Millennial consumers, 70% of whom are cutting calories from their beverage choices.1

The 2019 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation has voted Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans Product of the Year in the Alcoholic Beverage category.