Four Trends that Matter to Your Guests

Four Trends that Matter to Your Guests

Some trends don’t have much impact on food and foodculture – but others change the way your customers think, feel and eat when they come to your restaurant. At Lamb Weston, we’ve talked to the experts to identify four trends that matter to foodservice now. Read ‘em fast so you don’t miss out!


Who do we trust? While we may not always feel great about big business or big brands, we’re listening to each other more and more. And transparency matters – we want to know what a brand stands for and where our food comes from.


The world can be a scary place. So people are seeking comfort and practicing self-care. A focus on ‘total wellness’ is trending among all demographic groups.


No surprise here: people want what they want when they want it. It’s all about decreasing friction – and making people’s lives easier.


We’re connected like never before. But many of us still feel disconnected – and we’re seeking deeper, more meaningful relationships IRL (in real life).

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