Five Ways POS Systems Can Increase Nightclub Profits

Working in a busy nightclub is challenging enough. When the lights turn down, the music turns up, and customers crowd together to try to get their next rounds, the last thing anyone should worry about is the nightclub POS system slowing down operations.

From eliminating the need for servers and bartenders to shout at each other over the chaos, to ensuring that inventory is always stocked, a POS system can actually help increase profits as well. Here’s how.

Boost Sales by 30 Percent

The easiest ways to boost sales in a nightclub is to select a POS system that can serve up all the data and analytics managers need to make decisions. A smart POS system can track popular items, manage a customer loyalty program, and tie both together to identify the cocktails most attractive to regulars, freeing up management’s time to concoct new special ideas or increase social media promotion.

Improve Inventory Management

What’s a nightclub owner’s worst nightmare? Running out of an essential liquor in the middle of a busy night. The POS system should include an easy-to-use inventory management system that keeps up-to-date information on stock and anticipated needs.

Increase Staff Productivity

Thanks to digital trainings, a POS system can be the key to staff productivity. Not only will easy-to-access trainings help them deliver unparalleled customer service, but the more user-friendly the POS system is, the less time servers will spend fiddling with the ordering system, and the more time they’ll spend charming customers.

Keep Regulars Happy

Regulars want to feel special and appreciated. A nightclub’s POS system should undoubtedly allow for the creation of house accounts and offer the ability to keep customer notes so that even new hires can treat regulars like they’ve known them for years.

Manage a Restaurant from Anywhere, 24/7

Nightclubs don’t exactly keep hours that are congruent with traditional customer service hours, which can leave them high and dry if a POS emergency happens at 1 am.

Thanks to a U.S.-based support team on call around the clock, restaurant owners who choose Upserve avoid that issue. As one customer notes on Capterra, "I can now call at 2am on a Saturday and get a live person."

And since nightclub owners aren’t typically ones to spend their nights behind a desk, another bonus of cloud-based POS systems is mobile access from any phone or tablet. Whether it means spending more time on the floor, or more time at home, owners can access all the sales and customer information they need without skipping a beat.

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