Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey

Whiskey gets all its color and most of its flavor from barrels. So why do distillers limit themselves to just white oak? Wonder no more. This is the world’s first whiskey matured with six kinds of woods to help you explore the frontiers of flavor. Savor it neat or add new life to your favorite cocktails.

Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey starts as organic malted barley, which Greenbar Distillery ferments cool and slow into a delicious beer, then distills to precisely capture the best flavors. They age the spirit in 1,000- and 2,000-gallon white oak vats with house-toasted staves of the additional woods for enhanced flavor.

This unique whiskey is aged for as long as it takes to develop flavor. The Greenbar Distillery team rigorously tastes every other day and their trained palates know the exact time the spirit reaches perfection. For Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey, that moment arrives at under three years. Any longer and the taste would become too ‘woody’.

Quick Notes

Woods: White oak, hickory, maple, mulberry, red oak, grape

Palate: Dark fruit, butterscotch, black tea, vanilla and baking spices

42% ABV