Ripple Maker

Ripples drinks are completely user-friendly, from first click to last sip. You can upload your designs, choose from our extensive content catalog, or let customers submit their own by using the Ripples app when they place an order. That’s it. Our original and patented device is preferred by leading restaurants, hospitality, and foodservice providers around the globe. It’s easy to use, fully compliant with safety and sanitation regulations, and uses premium quality drink pods that never affect drink taste, but always enhance customer experience.

The Ripple Maker can print just about anything on your foam-topped beverages, from brand logos to beautiful line art, and even high-res selfies. Choose from an extensive content library with new, trending designs constantly added, or easily upload your own designs.

Customers can download the Ripples app and submit their own designs and photos to print on the drinks they order. You just select and accept their files through your device and print away.

Ripples’ selection of patented pods are made from natural, premium ingredients that vary by drink type, including coffee bean extracts for coffee-based beverages and malt for beer. No preservatives, no artificial colors, and no aftertaste.