Yo Ho Ho! It's National Rum Punch Day!

Image Source: Bobby Flay

We hope you share well with others and enjoy drinking from bowls or pitchers because today is National Rum Punch Day! We haven’t been able to uncover a congressional decree for this day dedicated to rum punch and to be honest, we don’t care. This holiday has been celebrated for years, it honors rum and punch, and it screams, “Hey! Let’s have a party!” Whether you serve your punch in a pitcher, a big ol’ party bowl or a scorpion bowl, National Rum Punch Day is meant to be enjoyed with friends, sharing an experience.

There are many rum punch recipes from which to choose. You can even come up with your own using the following rhyme, first published in The New York Times on August 8, 1908:

This recipe I give to thee,
Dear brother in the heat.
Take two of sour (lime let it be)
To one and a half of sweet,
Of Old Jamaica pour three strong,
And add four parts of weak.
Then mix and drink. I do no wrong —
I know whereof I speak.

Planter's Punch is one of the most historic and best known rum punches, normally consisting of a combination of rum (of course), pineapple, orange, lemon and lime juices, curaçao, grenadine, soda water, Angostura bitters and cayenne pepper. One modern take on the Planter's Punch comes from none other than Bobby Flay. In his version, the celebrity chef opts for nutmeg rather than cayenne pepper. You'll find this recipe here, in our extensive database.

Gosling's Rum has also created a recipe that closely resembles a traditional Planter's Punch: the Rum Swizzle.

Martha Stewart fans will most likely be familiar with TV chef Nikki Elkins. A trip to Honduras inspired her Rum Punch recipe.

For those interested in a departure from Planter's Punch variations, Captain Morgan Rum has The Shark Puncher. This interesting punch features coconut rum and both ruby red grapefruit and cranberry juices.

Now, for those who live in LA and NYC, there's a way to even further depart from the traditional on this holiday. Instapour, the company that offers cocktails on demand, has created a limited edition care package. This specialty item, named the Caliche Rum Pomagansett Punch, affords revelers in New York City and Los Angeles the opportunity to try their hand at craft cocktail creation from the comfort of their own homes. Inside this exclusive package are 750 ml bottle of Caliche Rum, 32 ounces of Pomagansett Punch, a dozen cinnamon sticks and orange wheels, and a shaker and jigger. The Caliche Rum Pomagansett Punch serves 12 and can be served hot or cold.



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