Win Customers with After-work Events

Square 1682  PhiladelphiaAfter-work parties are the best and easiest way to add an entirely new day part to your week. But how exactly do you accomplish this? Invite patrons into your establishment after work for a free drink, free dinner buffet or similar enticement.

Collect lead cards from your existing patrons to call them and congratulate them on winning a free office party at your place on a particular day and time — Wednesdays through Fridays are the best days for this promotion. This will help gain loyalty from your existing customers while also attracting new faces at the bar. Try to book these parties for every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday three weeks ahead of time. The results can be amazing.

You can also add to your after-work parties with games, trivia, Office Olympics and/or trophies for the host who brings the most people to their party. You’d be surprised what lengths people will go to in order to win a fun trophy or prize.

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