Warmer Days with Cold Beer and Refreshing Cocktails are Here!


Spring CocktailsFor some, the winter has been completely dismal. But not to worry, though; today is the first day of spring. The tweeters are tweeting, the pictures of flowers are blooming on Instagram and the social media sphere is going crazy with spring fever. Here are 3 fun posts that you can implement into your own accounts:

  1. Spring is here! This is how we suggest you celebrate! (insert picture of new cocktail)
  2. Spring has sprung, so come on down and celebrate warmer weather with us at (Your Bar Here)!
  3. Happy First Day of Spring! Warmer days filled with cold beer and refreshing cocktails are here! We’ll save you a seat at (Your Bar Here)!

March 20th is not just the first day of spring, but it is a beacon of hope for your guests. Keep them optimistic by letting them know what you are planning for the epic journey into the warmth via social media!


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