Sinatra Going Strong

Sinatra impersonator Mike Dutra

The lounge kitsch trend that boomed in the '90s is still a swinging concept at Red Sky Restaurant & Lounge in Boston, thanks to Frank Sinatra Night and the natural synergy of the lounge vibe and cocktail culture.

"We serve special Frank Sinatra Martinis as well as offer our full menu and often Frank Sinatra dinner specials, and the night is going strong," says owner Russ deMariano.

In honor of Sinatra, guests can select from specific menu items special to this Wednesday evening promotion, such as the Blue Eyed Martini, which combines blue Curacao, Grey Goose Vodka and sour mix with a sugar rim and a drop of cream for $10.

"His favorite was Jack Daniel's," says deMariano. "So, we will often do Jack promotions and offer the Rat Pack Jack, which is basically Jack Daniel's on rocks with a twist for $6.50."

The dinner menu offers takes on Sinatra's personal favorites as well, including Eggplant Parmigiana and a sausage and meatball linguini dish called Frank's Pasta.

The biggest draw to the promotion, however, is Mike Dutra, a Sinatra impersonator who takes the stage each week from 7 to 11 p.m., wowing both the ladies and the gents with Old Blue Eyes' best tunes.

Red Sky has no cover on these nights — another aspect making the promotion a success for more than two years.


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