Sin City Goes South of the Border

The N9NE Group of Las Vegas heads up some of the hottest clubs in the world. To show its appreciation for loyal patronage, a few times a year the group hosts “sleepover” parties, with free VIP invites extended to the movers and shakers of Sin City.

“We do these between four and six times a year,” explains David Gutierrez, marketing manager for the N9NE Group. “Following a big weekend, when we are at low occupancy at the Palms, we get a block of rooms at a discounted rate. We offer the rooms at that rate to our locals, and then we take over a floor in the hotel and create four fantasy suites.”

Each sleepover party has a theme, and the latest one, held on May 26, was Hot Tijuana Nights. Hornitos Tequila stepped in as the sponsor, providing complimentary tequila cocktails and shots.

To tie in a nightclub property with each sleepover, guests are given wristbands at a participating bar around 10 p.m. For the Tijuana Nights event, everyone went to Moon Nightclub for the evening before they headed up to the 26th floor after-party, where the walls were plastered in Hornitos advertisements, a line was drawn on the floor indicating where America becomes Mexico, and a man dressed as a cartoon donkey posed for pictures with guests.

“In one of the rooms we created a mock jail,” explains Gutierrez. “We hired models to arrest people, and then their friends had to take a tequila shot to get them out of jail.”

The themed evenings draw plenty of attention from Vegas regulars as well as celebrities; rapper Nelly attended Tijuana Nights. “Sales always go through the roof for the hotel and the nightclub when we do a sleepover, and we get a lot of celebrity attention.”


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