Selling the Stranger Stuff

Absinthe Fairy The EdisonEven inside the cocktail-conscious Edison in Los Angeles, some customers arrive a bit shy when it comes to esoteric products like absinthe. The bar stocks multiple brands, but to really educate and help guests get over their hesitation regarding the green spirit, management created a character who could bring the liquid to the masses.

Each evening, the Absinthe Fairy pushes her vintage trolley cart through the 14,000-square-foot space, which was previously a power plant back in 1910. Dressed in a beautiful costume complete with wings, she stops by tables, offering for $15 a choice of three absinthe cocktails. Each is housed in a glass perfume bottle with “The Edison” etched on the side. Guests may also sip the spirit straight, louched with a splash of water and some sugar.

“We only serve Kübler on the cart,” explains Aidan Demarest, director of spirits and beverages. “But they can then try our other 15 types behind the bar. She gives a little discussion about wormwood and what the sugar and water does to absinthe, and then guests can choose to have a mixed cocktail. It’s basically a double serving size for $15. Our most popular one is the Moonlight. It is gin, Pisco and absinthe with a dash of grapefruit and maraschino liqueur.”

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