Relationships Matter

Maker's MarkThis summer, representatives from Maker’s Mark were training bartenders across the country to mix an old classic, the Maker’s Collins. The cocktails were a fun way to showcase bourbon in the summer months, and while the brand encouraged the signature cocktail on several bar menus, Paggi House in Austin, Texas, featured three renditions of the tipple during July and August.

“I once did some work with Maker’s Mark as a liquor rep, and I’ve known Adam Harris (a Maker’s Mark Diplomat) for years,” Paggi House Bar Manager Jose Sapien explains. “The Collins program that they devised really sells people on enjoying bourbon in the summer beyond the Mint Julep.”

Sapien added to his menu a second Collins made with Thatcher’s Elderflower liqueur and a third with orange curacao, each priced at $8.

“Adam came in when we launched these three Collins with several cases of Maker’s Mark branded glasses. He dipped the bottom of the glass in wax, and I let customers take them home. We only have a few of the wax-dipped glasses left, and I am keeping those for the bar,” he continues. “I like to give people choices on every spirit, and I try to get them out of their comfort zone in terms of what they might typically order. It’s also important to have good relationships with brands because it keeps you informed of what they are doing and what customers want.”


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