Redemption Bar & Grill in NYC Says aHappy Holidaysa

To give a bit of holiday cheer to hardworking New Yorkers who may have gotten “scrooged” out of their company holiday parties, Redemption Bar and Grill in New York City will host a Happy Effen Holidays party on Dec. 14 from 5-8 p.m., sponsored by Effen Vodka. In addition to sharing the season with other locals, Redemption wants guests to enjoy a complimentary holiday cocktail. Every guest who turns in a business card receives a free cocktail; other cocktails on the specialty menu, which all feature Effen Vodka, will be available priced $5 to $12. The cocktail menu was created by Redemption’s bartenders, and the concept for the holiday party emerged from them.

Frostini Martini at Redemption Bar

“Our restaurant is located is in midtown Manhattan, which is a busy business district, so it made sense to invite local businesses and employees who may not be having holiday parties this year to come celebrate with us,” explains Meredith Ayna, Redemption’s events director. “The party presents an opportunity for us to grow our database of local businesses while also fostering a spirit of goodwill by offering everyone a drink on us.”
Here’s a peek at Redemption’s Happy Effen Holiday cocktail menu:
·         Effen Holiday Punch ($12): Effen Black Cherry Vodka, Goldschlager, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice and Pama Liquor, served on the rocks with crushed candy cane
·         Scrooge-Driver ($9): Effen Vodka, Grand Marnier and Orange Juice
·         Effen Egg Nog ($9): Egg Nog with Effen Vodka, served with Cinnamon Rim
·         Frostini ($12): An Apple Cinnamon flavored cocktail, made with Apple Pucker, Effen Vodka and served with a Sugar rim
·         Shot of Holiday Cheer ($5): Specialty shot featuring Effen Vodka served with a Candy Cane Chaser

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