Rams Head Restaurants Celebrate Victory Beer Release

Annapolis, MD, December 16th, 2010: The Rams Head Group is pleased to announce the release of Old Dominion’s seasonal beer Victory Amber Lager, on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 from 4pm to 6pm.

Victory Beer release

“Dominion Victory is our best kept secret. It’s only available on draught, so when you get to drink it, it’s almost like a special occasion. It’s a well-balanced amber lager and it tastes awesome!” says Old Dominion’s, Graphic Designer, Kyle Holtgren.

Rams Head will have limited edition glasses for the beer release. The special glass for Victory will be available for $4 at 4pm on release day. Patrons who purchase the glass also receive a fill-up of the Victory and $1 refills during the 4-6pm release party.

According to Walter Trifari, Head Brewmaster at Old Dominion’s, “Dominion’s Victory Amber lager, is a full-bodied and unfiltered steam beer, presents a silky malt flavor with caramel and honey notes reminiscent of a beer our country’s forefathers drank in colonial taverns. Victory Amber is an ale recipe, but lager yeast and conditioning give it a complex and mellow character. A blend of Willamette and Perle hops balance the malt flavor and East Kent Golding hops provide a subtle floral nose. Dominion Victory Amber is the perfect pint to serve when plotting one’s next adventure (or a revolution).”

Rams Head Tavern Annapolis | 33 West Street, Annapolis MD |P:410.268.4545
Rams Head Tavern Savage Mill | 8600 Foundry St, Savage MD |P:301.604.3454
Rams Head Roadhouse | 1773 Generals Hwy, Annapolis MD |P:410.849.8058
Rams Head Shore House |800 Main Street, Stevensville MD |P:410.643.2466

Time & Date: January 6th, 2011 4pm-6pm

Details: Rams Head is kicking off January with the release of Old Dominion’s Victory beer. The release party is from 4-6pm with $4 special glassware and $1 for each additional pour.

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