Positioned to Produce Effective Promotions

Put Your Bar in a Position to Produce Effective Promotions

To be in a position to produce effective promotions for your bar or nightclub you must first take the following four steps.

1.  Create a written plan describing the level of quality you will provide to your customers. Understanding who your customers are, what they want and being successfully able to execute on the written plan describing the level of quality you want to provide will greatly improve the successfulness of promotions that you produce.

2.  Answer three key questions.

      · How does what you do and provide benefit those you want to serve?
      · What do you have to offer that is special and sets you apart from your competitors?
      · How will you spread the word about these benefits to those you want to attract?

Use the market research you gathered to answer these important questions and to locate groups of prospects to each individual promotion you create.

3.   Double-check the following decisions:

      · Do I have attractive pricing?
      · Am I at the appropriate location?
      · Am I prepared to provide excellent service after the sale?

4.   Regardless of which promotional techniques you use, you need to remember the goals of effective promotion. Whether you are creating a promotional flyer or an event remember that to be successful you must move your customer through the following step in order to get them to buy.

      · Attract Attention
      · Stimulate Interest
      · Create Desire
      · Request Action

From here owners and operators need to create a promotional plan. In order for your business to grow, you need to be aggressively promoting your restaurant after double checking the four steps listed above. 


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