Patriotic Parties Prove Profitable

There are three days a year that you can turn into big money nights, and all it takes is some forethought. In fact, you should highlight these dates on your calendar: The night before Labor Day, the night before Memorial Day and Fourth of July Eve.

With a little planning and a well-executed marketing strategy you can turn what would ordinarily be a sleepy Sunday into one of the biggest nights of the year. How? Well, first you need to be planning a few months in advance, which will give you a clear advantage over your competition, who, undoubtedly, is also planning promotions for these popular holidays. Secondly, come up with an unbeatable offer — great drinks, food and entertainment — and make it's an especially huge event. If you do it right, this could become an annual party that you can count on for years, putting your place on the map as a go-to destination for the Fourth of July and beyond.

Additionally, you'll establish yourself as the "event" nightclub or bar in your market. This will help you with the more popular holidays that are traditionally big nights in our business: Halloween, New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and Super Wednesday or Thanksgiving Eve.

If you plan early enough, you can turn holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and the upcoming Fourth of July into a boon for your business, so don’t miss out on these profitable opportunities.

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