The Most Sacred Holiday: World Bartender Day

Photograph by Liz Barclay

Happy World Bartender Day!

Did you catch that? It’s not National Bartender Day, it’s World Bartender Day. Those men and women who welcome us into their bars, pop open bottles, pour us draught beers in frosty cold mugs, build us fantastic cocktails, get to know us, ask us about our days, and make life worth living are celebrated across the globe today.

Bartenders, where would we be without you?

On this most holy of holy days, honor thy bartenders. Shout from the social media mountaintops about how proud you are of your bar staff. Brag about your awesome bartenders across all of your social media channels. Want to show your bartenders that you care? Load your bar with guests so they can rake in the cash. Oh, and maybe treat them to a shot of Fernet or a Pickleback.



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