Mellow Mondays

Accepting the fact that most people avoid high-energy outings on a Monday, Kristi Warren, owner of the Warren City Club in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta, has joined forces with On the Rox Entertainment to give locals a mellower Monday scene.

On Flowmatik Mondays, guests pay a $5 cover for an evening with host Rachel McCord, a.k.a. CocoaSkinz. Warrena (pronounced "Warnae") Watkins, the creator of On the Rox Entertainment — a firm that produces and hosts promotions in Atlanta — developed the event. The night presents spoken word artists, poets, hip-hop performers and other lyrically minded genres to the good people of the Peach State capital.

"The crowd is predominantly African-American, from late twenties and up," Warren says. "The performers can be younger, but their material is very mature. Fans usually fill every seat in the house, averaging about 50 people."

Warren's bar staff created signature Martinis for the nights, priced at $7, and the members-only bar with its exposed brick, candlelight and an outdoor terrace provides a comfortable setting for the mind-engaging events.

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