Lettina It All Hang Out

“We are a party bar. Things can get a bit crazy from time to time here,” quips Lee Benton, an operating partner of BAR Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C. And because the bar has been around for 16 years, a few crazy promotions consistently make its roster, including Rockin’ the Beer Gut Night.

During the contest, men are prompted to take off their shirts and perform a signature move chosen by an emcee. A recent contest highlighted the contestants’ best rendition of the “Truffle Shuffle” from the 1985 movie “The Goonies.”

“We have some guys that see the contest on our Facebook or on one of our flyers in the bar and come in specifically to try and win the cash,” Benton explains. “But then there are plenty who hop up on stage who just happened to be in the bar that night and also happen to have beer guts.”

The competition does not have a specific beverage sponsor, but the bar features Miller Lite specials to keep the crowd happy and uses money earned from its $10 cover to provide cash prizes; the winner receives $300.

With an average head count of 600 customers, $300 is a small price to pay for nearly two decades of continual business.

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