Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake! Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

Image Source: How to Make Chocolate Cake

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! It may not seem like it but this is actually a beer holiday.

The word “cake” is derived from the Old Norse “kaka” (stop giggling) but it’s the Greeks who gave us the gift of beer. This is extremely important because:

  1. Beer.
  2. Beer was invented as a leavening or raising agent, a substance that when added to, say, cake batter, lightens and softens it by way of a foaming action.
  3. Beer.

The ancient Romans then decided to gift the world with cake...sort of. They would sometimes enrich simple bread doughs with butter, eggs and honey. As you can guess, those 3 ingredients made the resulting cake a sweet treat.

National Chocolate Cake Day is the perfect time to highlight your stouts and porters, pairing them with one of the recipes below. Cheers!

You really can’t go wrong with Chocolate Beer Cake. It celebrates chocolate cake and beer. In fact, you can use a stout or porter in the recipe!

The Chocolate Cake Shot tricks taste buds into thinking they’re enjoying a delicious bite of chocolate cake when really they’re dining on Frangelico, vodka, sugar and lemon.


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