Itas all About the Ladies

Ladies NightPromoting to women is essential to the well-being of any restaurant, bar or nightclub. Who better to talk about and keep your name always buzzing?

Hosting a ladies' night is a smart way to engage the female customers. So how do you come up with fun, new promotions to attract them to your establishment?

Here are just a few common ladies’ night promotions to get you started:

Create a strong bachelorette program: This will help to fill your nightclub or bar with women early on a Saturday night. Not only will you see new clientele at your venue, but also it will positively affect your bottom line.

Partner with a local salon: Having the ability to offer free services to the local salon or spa can help bring in women on a rather slow week night.

Offer half price appetizers: Believe it or not women tend to eat more than men when out for a drink with same sex friends. They also like to share; therefore adding a couple of small bits on ladies’ night can significantly increase check averages.

Create female friendly promo materials: Make it clear what women can expect during ladies night while appealing to their esthetic in promotional materials will increase attendance.  Make sure to use images and colors that are female friendly.  

Create female focused contests: Organize a sexiest shoes contest or best accessory contest to get females involved and keep them entertained.  Make sure to stay away from contests that objectify women or would be more appealing to men.

Keep in mind tradition ladies’ night discounts: These include, but not limited to, no cover for women before midnight, one free cocktail with entry prior to 10pm, one free champagne bottle for groups of 10 or more, etc.

Starting with these promotional activities your ladies’ night program will continue to grow. Make sure that you are repeatedly thinking of new and exciting ways to engage women - ultimately making your ladies’ night the biggest one in town!

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