Is It Snowing in Here?

Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort, located in Chicago, has a tropical theme that spreads to the menu. But this winter, things are about to get cold inside the bar.

“Co-owner Mark Kwiatkowski, our staff and I are always trying to think of ways to remain as innovative as possible when it comes to special events,” explains co-owner Brian Galati. “We’ve always gone big with holiday decorations in the past, but this year we are taking it a step further.”
“Big with holiday decorations” translates to the guys devoting upward of $10,000 just for decorations annually. This year, they are transforming the bar into an actual snow globe, with $5,000 of accoutrements like confetti snow for the bar’s Dec. 18 party alone.

“The snow globe will be specific for the event,” Galati says. “[We will use] metal flex molding and plastic [wrapping] to create a dome over the stage where the band is playing. We plan ... to dome the main bar as well.”

Half a dozen confetti cannons will spray snow a dozen times throughout the night, filling the room with white confetti. To encourage guests to attend, management is making the most of social networking on Facebook, which is a perfect tool for the bar’s target demographic, ages 21-25. Add to the lineup a great live cover band and drink specials like $10 signature yards, $15 Polar Pond Fishbowls, $15 mini pitchers and a $100 4-gallon fishbowl that serves 10, and you have yourself something Santa would be hard-pressed to outdo.

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