How to Become the Neighborhood Hotspot

An Apartment Complex Party is a simple promotion to implement. Invite the tenants of several apartment complexes in your area to your venue for a special party just for them. Publicize it as a way for the residents to meet their neighbors. Depending on the size of your establishment, you might want to invite several — or even dozens of —apartment complexes on the same night.

You can do this once a month so that the residents of the surrounding apartments learn that they can come on the second Wednesday of every month for their own special party.

Many apartment complexes will allow you to place your invitation in their monthly newsletter for free. Also, they may also let you insert a free pass, flier or coupon. Investigate being included in the “Welcome Kit” that each new resident is given when they move in. If you work closely enough with the local apartment leasing agents and give them special perks when they come in as guests, they will start “selling” your bar or nightclub not only as a benefit of living in the area but also as a part of their sales pitch to prospective tenants! This word-of-mouth support can be very valuable.

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