The House Tequila

Every bar has a bottle of tequila, but not every bottle of tequila can claim to have a bar. Ambhar Lounge at Tropicana in Las Vegas is named for Ambhar tequila, a product that hit the United States two years ago and is gaining traction in Sin City. Tequila House

“Ambhar Lounge is definitely a high-energy entertainment lounge,” offers Tom Recine, vice president of food, beverage and retail for Tropicana. “We are thrilled to partner up with such a strong, upcoming brand. We do filming a lot on property with various shows and some different reality shows and events.”

Recently, one film session yielded great results. To increase guest traffic and awareness of the brand, Billy O’Rourke, one of the owners of Ambhar tequila and vice president of marketing for the label, recently helped arrange the filming of a music video inside the Ambhar Lounge. The lineup for the video included members of Canadian rock group My Darkest Days, as well as Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger, Ozzy Osbourne band member Zakk Wylde and internationally known rap star Ludacris. In keeping with the song, “Porn Star Dancing,” 75 exotic dancers performed in the lounge during filming. The all-star lineup of musicians as well as the dancers helped the video gain airtime on MTV and push the video among the Top 30 downloaded clips of all-time on iTunes.

For Ambhar Lounge, the attention from the video certainly means increased sales for the bar and the brand.

“The vibe inside transforms from night to night based on the demographic that’s in the property,” Recine continues. “We go from Top 40 to rock and even jazz, but these filming events always help bring people to the club.”


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