Holiday Parties for Hospitality Industry Pros

Here’s a promotion that will further establish you as “the place” for the people in the biz. The holidays are a crazy time for those in the hospitality industry. We work crazy hours hosting hundreds of company holiday parties in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. So, how about throwing a holiday party for those in the business, showing them that they’re appreciated?

Here’s how to do it: Some bars and club already have a regular hospitality night promotion, so if you do, make the one right before Christmas extra special. Design an invitation with the names of all of your employees on it and start distributing it about two weeks before the party. Decorate the club with all of the holiday decorations you can find in order to make the room feel extra special. Sell value-priced tickets that include a dinner buffet of prime rib and turkey, and get the liquor and beer companies to underwrite a GREAT drink special like top-shelf cocktails and bottled beer at a great price. Also, encourage everyone to dress up so they get the full holiday experience. Hit up your neighbors -- distributors, the local radio station, food companies ,etc. -- for prizes and have Santa give those away throughout the night. Oh, and don’t forget the mistletoe!

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