Heineken to Host The Spot in New York this Summer

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Trendsetting Latino artists, musicians, DJs, filmmakers and tastemakers will unite under one roof in New York this summer at The Spot by Heineken. In partnership with Remezcla, a leading creative house and content authority on emerging Latin culture, The Spot by Heineken is a place that inspires and connects everyone to Latin music and culture. The three-week initiative combines all elements of a performance space, art gallery and a local hangout.

Located in the heart of Soho's Nolita neighborhood, The Spot by Heineken launches on July 13th with over 12 events bringing together a mass audience for live concerts, art exhibits and film screenings, thoughtfully curated by the expertise of Remezcla. Kinky, Tego Calderón, La Mala Rodríguez, Vico C and Carla Morrison, and the New York International Latino Film Festival are just some of the artists and partners who will be part of The Spot by Heineken’s lineup. Content from The Spot by Heineken will also live digitally via www.remezcla.com/TheSpot, a multimedia hub that provides access to events, as well as original videos, music and interviews of performing artists.

“Latin music and culture have revolutionized urban trends, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with Remezcla to offer our audience an enhanced cultural experience this summer,” said Carolyn Concepcion, brand manager of Heineken. “The Spot by Heineken offers the community access to some of today’s hottest and more unique Latinos in the music and art world through an engaging platform, all while strengthening Heineken’s support of creative and innovative minds in the Latino community."

“The Spot by Heineken celebrates the convergence between Latin culture and urban creativity, and is a big testament to the impact that many Latin artists and the creative community have made on U.S. cities. Partnering with Heineken on The Spot supports Remezcla’s vision for building digital and social platforms to discover, celebrate and experience the diversity of emerging Latin music and culture scenes. New York City is the perfect place to start telling this story,” said Andrew Herrera, CEO and founder of Remezcla.

The Spot by Heineken will include the participation of over 30 artists and organizations. Partners and the final line up will be announced in the coming weeks. The public will be able to preview the space and get exclusive information about these events by registering on www.remezcla.com/TheSpot.

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