Get in the Mood for Love

V-Day is four weeks away – are you getting hot and heavy with promotion planning? Valentine’s Day is a great chance for you to romance your bottom line with a stellar promotion, so make sure you do this now:

Assess your crowd (or the crowd you’d like to have in your house). Are they singles looking to hook-up? Couples out on the town? Groups of friends? Once you target your audience, brainstorm promotions that speak to their romantic interests.
Be a tease. Use social media to pique their interest via a carefully planned series of tweets or Facebook posts that give only a tantalizing detail of the planned promotion, leading up to a complete announcement/invitation two weeks before. In the early messages, invite recipients to respond for a chance to “win” something to enjoy the night of the promotion (a bottle of bubbly, a comp cocktail, chocolates, etc.); make sure your offer complies with regulations for promotions in your market.
Start a flyer frenzy. Many people leave their Valentine’s Day plans to the last minute, so blitz your place and the local area with flyers promoting your romance-themed event.
Get cozy with your bartender. Create a signature drink for the event, tapping into your vendor network for brand sponsors and support.
Dare to be unromantic. Not everyone is in the mood for love (or so they say), so think about courting those who are anti-Valentine’s Day with a promotion that celebrates singlehood and watch the crowd gather.

As always, run the numbers to make sure that you're hosting a profitable promotion! 

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