From Russia with Live Acts and Libations

Carrie Binkley has a unique title: head of digital marketing and experience for Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles. While her title may seem a bit strange, it fits the club’s mission of providing guests with a full experience each night complete with art, dance and entertainment.

The Stolichnaya vodka brand contacted Binkley and Boulevard 3 recently to be one of the few clubs participating in a nationwide promotion known as “The Moskova Affair,” a night of live performances and Stoli cocktails.

“I think Stoli knew that this would be a perfect fit for us,” Binkley explains. “We have state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and we do aerial acts quite frequently in the club. They asked us for a date that we could put it together, and we went from there. We provided the venue and gave them an extra VIP hour before the main event.”

Moskova Affair

For a door fee of $20, guests enjoyed a night of Stoli signature cocktails along with lavish live acts and interpretive art vignettes by award-winning Vau de Vire Society. Even the garden space was filled with performers painted as “live statuary.”

Boulevard 3 kept all of the money from the door and the brand provided the product and the talent. In total, more than 13,500 consumers around America experienced The Moskova Affair, and at Boulevard 3, the staff — dressed in vaudeville, circus-styled apparel — served more than 800 people.

“As for promoting,” Binkley says, “we don’t use promoters. We do it all in house. We go out to guests through digital means like Facebook, MySpace and personalized e-mails.”

“We would absolutely do something like this again,” Binkley says. “The entertainment quality was amazing, and we like to give guests a reason to speak to one another, and that type entertainment moves guests to interact.”

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