Donat Miss NCB Promo Poweras Launch

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Bars and nightclubs can’t truly be successful without knowing how to run a money-making promotion, so Nightclub & Bar is launching a new weekly e-newsletter this September: NCB Promo Power. NCB Promo Power will teach you how to create and run lucrative promotions that get people in your door, stay there all night and come back for more. We’ll showcase real promotions that work and offer expert advice and tools for planning promotions at your establishment that will grow traffic and sales. It’s launching in September, but sign up now!

Donna Hood Crecca, publisher and editorial director for Nightclub & Bar, says the NCB audience is always looking for innovative ways to get new clientele to their bars and nightclubs. “Promotions is the number one thing our audience tells us they want to know more about, so we’re bringing it to them every week.”

Remember to sign up for NCB Promo Power at Want to see your successful promotions featured in Nightclub & Bar and NCB Promo Power? E-mail us at [email protected].

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