Donat Just Fall, Dive Into Autumn

Fall Cocktail

As sad as your customers are to see summer go, they can’t help but be excited for cool weather, warm clothes and, of course, pumpkin beer. Now, everyone loves the pumpkin beer that makes its appearance every September, but there are so many more fall promotions that will perpetuate sales in your bar.

A change in season is the perfect time to reinvent your food and drink menus; it’s time to cross of the watermelon salads and Bay Breezes from the list. Fill your menu with festive, autumn inspired dishes and tie these ever popular fall flavors to your Happy Hour seasonal drink promotions.

Without hesitation when one thinks fall they automatically think Halloween. Now, Halloween is one of the largest bar holidays and people will want to go out and celebrate in their best disguises, so start planning now!

Don’t let your customers experience the end of summer blues; distract them with fun fall cocktails and promotions! 


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